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Welcome to my shop. I am Beverly Lafontaine, and I create my designs with you in mind. Each piece of jewelry is meant to complement you—your eternal beauty, your undaunted sense of self, your intrepid zest for life. I use beads, crystals, vintage and semi-precious gemstones to craft colorful, elegant and delightful earrings, necklaces and bracelets you want to wear.

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It gives me pleasure to present the colorful and unique jewels I fashion for you and me. I draw my inspiration from the many colors and shapes that abound in our world so I never know what new material I’ll find on any given day. If you don’t find something on this visit, please come back tomorrow or next week because I find something to excite me everyday. Be Beauty!

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You are very important to me and I promise to always treat you with the utmost respect and honesty. I want you to shine and sparkle in the way you deserve when you wear my jewelry because you deserve to Be Beauty every moment of your life. Always feel free to contact me about any piece of jewelry or a purchase at bluelilyjewels@gmail.com